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Hello! I'm just a normal Conservative SimplePlanes player! I'm also Qwertdude! I live down in the Northeastern part of the U.S.A I like to build planes and aircraft and always dreamed of flying one. When I was in maybe 1st grade I was the kid that was obsessed with vehicles and other things, just give me a pencil and some notebook paper and I'd draw planes. Now, with SimplePlanes, my ideas come to life and I can fly, build, and also 3D print my creations! I make planes in SimplePlanes, not the best but they're good!

Also here are some of the aircraft companies I came up with! (They dont exist.. YET)

Goblin Aircraft - Mostly Manufacturing Planes, and a small bit of helicopters.

Crosley - A Soviet company That also designs planes.

Qwerty Aviation - A United states Aircraft company, Currently enemies with Crosley.

Simple Aircraft - Makes Generic Planes that really don't have names but somehow end up being pretty darn good!

Trumman Aerodynamics - Makes planes and big cargo planes. Also designed planes for World war 2

Krakabloa Weaponry - Mostly Manufacturing airplanes and weapons.

Carmen - Mostly Manufacturing planes and fighters

Jet stream - Manufacturing planes and Jets