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I I’m not going to post much because of Online school.

I Started playing SimplePlanes during late June of 2017 I thought it was fun, and it really is! I started uploading my creations during late August, even though my creations were pretty bad, I met @PropJet and he really helped me out since 2017. I’m really inspired to @QingyuZhou Who makes awesome builds!
Now its May 2020, and my account is now 2.9 years old on this website.
I usually build random stuff like airliners, rockets (still WIP) trains, and much much much more

I also post forums...
... a lot and a lot of forums...

Be sure to check out my SimpleRockets 2 Account!

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Something, maybe...

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U.S.S. P-42 Mustang Extended Cab in Greyhound Scheme

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