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Updated 4/1/18

A nice Discord server i am in.
Another server

I hate planes that turn in under a second.

I like realistic flyers.

I think i made the best Su-27 on the whole site?

My builds take time. I always put effort and I'm always using more concepts and techniques.

Builds (In-progress)

Messerschmitt Me-410 [Collab with NordicTuna]
Su-47 Berkut


I am the one and only Phanps.
I enjoy making fine detailed replica airplanes. My favourite and most successful build is my Su-30 Flanker.
I also like making fictional planes. However thinking of designs is not my strong suit.
Thanks to everyone for getting my Flanker have 100 upvotes!

A little more about me

-I have a life, so don't expect me to make planes 24/7.

-When i do make planes, i make sure they are top quality and realistic.

If you need assistance with your builds, feel free to tag me. I'll see what i can do. :)

-I co-own a Discord server with Blue0Bull.
Click here to join.

That's pretty much it, thanks for stopping by my page.
Happy flying.