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Hello i'm Kshatria.

First, my name is based from mobile suit NZ-666 'Kshatriya'.
Second, my phone is Samsung Galaxy A8(2016).which means i don't use flagship. I use Mid-range phone. So i can't detailing well.
(I feel sorry about that.)
Third, All of my Aircrafts has detailed cockpit. (Actually, i use other user's cockpit.)but this is much better than basic cockpit i think.
Last, my new KADF series will be roll out every month. But, no one knows, it would be a airplane or boat and cars. but, everyone will like it. because it's mobile friendly (not an old phone)and has a good quality and fully functinal. all of my posts are tested in avalanche airport. if you found problem in my post, comment it. I will fix the problem.
So this is my biography.
I hope you will enjoy my aircrafts.
Have a great time with Simpleplanes!