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Hi, I'm grantflys (aka G.J.)

Or, if you prefer, the guy who likes literally anything that moves. Not romantically. I like planes, cars, jellyfish, dogs, space, the LHC - you name it, it moves, I like it.


  • Aviation spotting
  • Car nerd
  • Fishing
  • Researching random topics that I find interesting (ex. jellyfish, thermodynamics of spacecraft re-entry, etc.)
  • Art, photography, and graphic design
  • Aquarium keeping
  • Boating
  • Flying
  • Biking (Second favorite mode of travel, behind flying)


Q: Do I like (insert random horrible person's/disease's name here)? They moved.
A: No, because (insert random horrible person's/disease's name here) made a lot of other people/things not move, or at bare minimum hurt them in some way.

Q: Do you like (insert random dangerous animal here)? They move.
A: Yes. It's most likely our fault if we get hurt by (insert random dangerous animal here) because we probably didn't respect it.

Q: Do you like (insert random dangerous weapon here)? It moves.
A: Yes, but most of the time only the engineering aspect of it.