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Heya!!!!!1!1!!!1!!!!!1!! A random guy here with his old ipad mini 2 so he will not make something really awesome and with humongous details.

My alternative account
Things to expect from me:
•Making land transportation vehicles such as buses, and trains
•Something related to... umm... mem...
•Just a few crappy planes...
When I first heard of simpleplanes, I was playing simplerockets on November 2015 when I saw an advertisement on simpleplanes. It literally cost like hell. Finally I got to play the game 2 months later, when there is no weapon. Bridges and aircraft carrier are indestructible. And that I was playing version 1.2. I also found out that there is a community few weeks later, after 1.3 released.

Things you might need to know:
I don’t normally make planes so don’t expect planes
I might start building some warship
I am able to speak foreign languages, chinese and a bit of hokkien
I like trains

Biography too lengthy? Okay

Activity: Pretty high