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memes and building stuff.

(Multiplayer codename is Cinder II )

also, why does nobody comment on posts anymore?
I live for my Comments so, If you have the time. Send me something related to one of my Aircraft! From roleplay to Ideas, I'm happy to respond!-

help i'm out of ideas

Trigger Did Nothing Wrong

---Brief Summary of my Roleplay nation---
The Wolen United Islands (formerly Alterra Imperial)
Is a nation consisting of Three Large islands and the smaller land masses around them, (not to be confused with the ones in game.) Suffering from recent wars of the previous decade -2030- The island nation has only been united fully since 2027, With multiple skirmishes involving conflicts against Itself. The Nation was brought together in attempts to help further Technology and boost mainly the Air and Naval forces. Many developments have led the weak nation to producing a fairly deadly force comprising of Sea-launched Drone fighters and long range command Cruisers. Though mainly defensive, Their true purposes will remain unknown.

(i'm bad at writing.)