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  • Ornithopter A.2+ 6 months ago

    nailed it !!!!!!!!!!!

  • CrossBow Class - AGRAV multirole fighter 10 months ago

    its really nice but i can not keep it for over 1 minute .

  • AV-96C Krait 10 months ago

    i solved it . thank you

  • Fighter Boi 6 months ago

    how do you make the bullets blue

  • Vieper V-2 6 months ago

    very nice

  • zenmetsu 9 months ago


  • AV-96C Krait 10 months ago

    please say something if you know

  • AV-96C Krait 10 months ago

    i have a problem with downloading all these planes . when i try to get them it just appear an 1kb file and when i click on it just run the game. no more . i used to play this game on android and i had not any of this thing