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Alright, you found my profile. Lets get something straight:

I'm a ginger, WITH A SOUL!!! :0
Beware: Extremist Car Enthusiast
Some people call me Jon, and I make a lot of things, but I have a passion for planes, and cars... Mostly cars... I particularly excel in suspension systems (look at the Stadium truck, or the IndyCar, or anything recent really). I'm a junior, and live in GA of the U.S. of A. I love to play SP and also (used to) Asphalt 8, although I beat Asphalt so now I'm onto Real Racing 3 (I beat that, so now I have GRID Autosport)
Extremely old alt account that’s currently useless

I am a trumpet player

My to do list-
4/22/18- On pause for a little bit, computer issues and slight loss of interest. Usually work on something, get bored, build something else
-Ford GT ~90% SCRAPPED, probably
-Peterbilt Wrecker ~30%
-Trophy Truck V2 ~70%