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  • Arsenal Bird one month ago

    @typeZERO ,that’s probably a pretty good idea,thx

    Next coming up is The XB-0 Hresvelgr, It’s from one of my favorite game, Ace combat Zero,

    Take a look at the internet and see how massive it was, but probably not gonna be as massive as my arsenal bird,

    In the game’s lore is two time the size of arsenal bird

  • Tank Test Map 9 months ago

    see this post


    Goes full Blitzkrieg

  • PUBG Plane one year ago

    The Plane in PUBG is a C-130 cargo plane, m8
    Search it up on google

  • X-02S Strike Wyvern ( Mihaly plane ) 12 days ago

    That is sum good @$$ plane, NICE

  • XF/A-40S 'Longsword' 21 days ago

    well, 42.09998 % of me is Indonesian, technically yeah, but still the whitest boi in my neigborhhod XP
    anyway, thx for the tips

  • PBR 'PIBBER' GunBoat w(Improved Flamethrower) 24 days ago

    well, sure
    btw, now i know how it works, thanks to your Flamethrower, a bit complicated on the XML modifying, and already tried with different engines, and range for different results, thx

    and now i know that you actually can put "FireGuns" as Input, before this.. i have no freakin idea how to do it, now i know

  • Proxima PXL 24 days ago


  • Imperial Shuttle 25 days ago

    The Description sounds like something out of Commercial/Propaganda.. XD

    Anyway, That's a Great Build, m8

  • Should i make another Lumbering Giant Creations ? 28 days ago

    XD, Maybe i'll try, i'm already planing to build the XB-0 Hresvelger

  • How many people like Queen in this community? 28 days ago



  • Should i make another Lumbering Giant Creations ? 28 days ago

    How does it gonna fly?, That thing just a satellite ,right?

  • Arsenal Bird 29 days ago

    @ThomasRoderick ,

    Sadly..No, it's impossible to make a Force field like that in Simpleplanes

  • Helicopter Challenge 7 months ago

    maybe i'll do it, if i can do it in time, or i'm late

    and sorry for my grammar

  • Moto-Terminator [Terminator Salvation] 7 months ago

    @Delosofy hey,thanks, i missed the simpleplanes stream tho, i want to watch it back ,but it's ok

    Anyway, thanks for featuring one of my creation on your twitch stream
    I really appreciate it ^^

    And Sorry for some stupid grammar that probably i didn't notice

  • RT-24 SEAGULL 7 months ago

    Ayy :)

  • Tank Test Map 9 months ago

    @vincentwwwwww yup XD

  • F-28A Evo 9 months ago

    Nice Design there,Pal

    also, it's so god damn fast, Nice

  • Metal Gear REX / WBT- REX0023b 9 months ago

    @TMR9001 Thank U ^-^

  • Itallian plane 11 months ago

    Mama mia XP

  • Favorite song 11 months ago

    David Bowie- Space Oddity ,and
    David Bowie- lifen on mars
    I definitly gonna play that when playing Simple rockets 2 X3

  • Silver fighter 4SS 4 days ago

    that Fuselage design though.. NICE

  • A-10A Thunderbolt II 'Warthog' 4 days ago

    i never take any critique comments as a horrible or hate comments, i take them as a lesson to get better at things, "when life gives you lemons, Drink it", am i right ?

  • A-10A Thunderbolt II 'Warthog' 5 days ago

    Next time i'll try, thanks for the critique

  • XB-57 Vulture 'SledgeHammers' 8 days ago

    Oh wait.., ur right •-•

  • XB-57 Vulture 'SledgeHammers' 10 days ago

    Cuz, it's not realy a "bombing run", more like missile salvos

  • ADF-01 'FALKEN' 11 days ago


    Weird flex, but ok

  • Hot Air Balloon 12 days ago

    This remids me when playing Flight simulator, and there’s some guy using hot air ballon Doing 400 knots infront of my F/A-18 XD

  • Need help with a mod. 13 days ago


  • Need help with a mod. 13 days ago

    Download the ‘Overload XML mod’ in the mod page

  • Need help with a mod. 13 days ago

    go to XML, select 'Rotator input', go to the input, and Type 'fireGuns' or 'fireGun'

    if you want to make it spin infinitly , go to maxRotation and Change it to '999999'

    you can do it by yourself

  • SdKfz. 171 Panther 'M10' Ersatz 13 days ago

    yeah, that's probably why they found all the ersatz Vehicle already destroyed , or abandoned, maybe

  • p-46 Tub 20 days ago

    h...how did you get the beta so earlly??!!

  • 1.8 Beta now available 21 days ago

    Hype Train is Arrived!, Can't wait to make another Creations

  • Arsenal Bird 22 days ago

    IDK either XD, i saw your Arsenal bird when i’m in the middle of making mine, and i thought : “man, his arsenal bird are better than mine, but oh well”
    Days later.., me: “Excuse me , WTF??!, what??, no!!, he’s better!, not me!”
    But I admit it yours much much more beautiful.

  • HELP please 23 days ago

    here you go, I Know some problems, rest will be explained in the post, i uploaded as Unlisted
    copy paste the url:

  • PBR 'PIBBER' GunBoat 24 days ago

    ok, i'll maybe take a look at your's , maybe i can learn something from it

  • PBR 'PIBBER' GunBoat 24 days ago

    well.., that's all i can do, bud
    if i take too much effort..,it'll ended up like my other scrapped creations (Complicated Controls, Too much Detail, High Part Counts,etc) ,
    if i put less effort...,no one will not get interested (my creations from a year ago)
    so i take the middle way, medium effort, fuctional , easy to use, and draw people's attention even though it doesn't look great, or fuctions like the real one
    but, i'll try harder next time

  • PBR 'PIBBER' GunBoat 24 days ago

    i did that on purpose, it was based of the American M2 Flamethrower,
    copy link:

  • ADF-11F 'Raven' 25 days ago



  • Should i make another Lumbering Giant Creations ? 28 days ago

    Why though?, sorry i don't want to make what i already make

  • How many people like Queen in this community? 28 days ago

    @Bman01 you might wanna check him too though, well, he’s not as good as the “god of Music him self “, but he’s good

  • How many people like Queen in this community? 28 days ago

    The Todays Queen is not the the queen i used to, so I didn’t go to their concerts.

    However, i go to the ‘Queen extravaganza ‘, the official Tribute band of Queen, the one with Marc Martell, it was somewhat cheaper, and more Queen than Today’s Queen its self

  • How many people like Queen in this community? 28 days ago

    @Bman01 you mean with THAT new lead singer?, Adam Lambert?

    Man, i preffer Marc Martell

  • How many people like Queen in this community? 28 days ago

    What..?, what are you talking about?

  • SU-30SM 'Archange' (Mihaly) 29 days ago

    Well that’s all i can do, i have a very limited PC , so I couldn’t make a high detailed creations, but i’ll try

  • Arsenal Bird one month ago

    @AircroftDesigin ,It’s one THICC BOI

  • Arsenal Bird one month ago

    Through Some Magic, @JediWolf , Magic.. ;3

  • Pigpen 2 one month ago

    @redbear89 Np, Bud

  • Ilyushin II-76E AWACS (Yuktobania SYR Airforce) one month ago

    Sorry @jamesPLANESii , That’s all i can do (^~^’)

  • Nocturnal Hunter one month ago

    holy mother of god, that's a lot of wings, m8