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  • GP-199 Typhoon Trembler 3.4 years ago


  • Typhoon Circuit 3.4 years ago

    @AndrewGarrison, I just got my entry in, can you please validate :)

  • Daredevil 3.5 years ago

    @AndrewGarrison ... I'm in now, can you give it a approval check?

  • Daredevil 3.5 years ago

    Any updates on times so far? Down in the mid 40's, don't know how much lower I can go ...

  • Daredevil 3.5 years ago

    I'll be in ... anyone have some initial times????

  • Beechcraft T-6 Texan II 3.6 years ago


  • Grumman OV-1D 3.6 years ago


    Would love to see a the OV1-B U.S. Army version of this aircraft if possible. My father flew this aircraft for 2 tours in Vietnam! The Mohawk is something special to see in person.

  • Indy Air Race 3.6 years ago

    @AndrewGarrison, care to comment on any of this??

  • Golden Snatch 3.6 years ago

    Watched our race, good stuff!

  • A.C. Aircraft Company Indy X - V.5 3.6 years ago

    @GrumpyRacing, yeah great racing, well done as well :)

  • PAK-TA 3.6 years ago


  • Black Mamba 3.6 years ago

    Great plane, and design!

  • at least it looks like a proper plane 3.6 years ago

    Nice Job as well :) - Adam

  • Indy Air Race 3.6 years ago

    Good Job everyone, I watched, just did not login. - Adam

  • A.C. Aircraft Company Indy X - V.5 3.6 years ago

    I'm proud

  • Indy Air Race 3.6 years ago

    @AndrewGarrison ... can u check my new unlisted entry Airplane for validation please.


  • Indy Air Race 3.6 years ago

    @Tully2001, yes I agree, but it did pull off a few 29 second runs for me. But not reliable enough for this competition ...

  • Indy Air Race 3.6 years ago

    Here's the link: (The Winner of Bandit Run) ... try this on the Indy Run:


  • Indy Air Race 3.6 years ago

    I'm down to 34 sec, but very unreliable. As of today, my entry sits at 39 sec. with ~75% of completing course with no crashes or missed rings.

    FYI, Download the Winner of the last PROP tournament, "Bandit Run," ... lol ... see for yourself. It will crash occasionally, but otherwise it's a scary reality!!!

  • Indy Air Race 3.7 years ago

    When is the submission cut-off? My plane is about ready :)

  • Indy Air Race 3.7 years ago

    @marcox43 ... thanks for the advice. I'm going to down the power a bit, dump some fuel, and make some more runs ...

  • Indy Air Race 3.7 years ago

    Also, I use a super high end gaming laptop, so I think the AI is okay, but it seems like every run is a little bit different.

  • Indy Air Race 3.7 years ago

    Okay, concerned here, I built a very agile aircraft, and it runs the course in 38-39 seconds. I would say 60% completion rate (tested from both sides). Not sure if I should tone it back it bit, or take a chance, lol!

  • Indy Air Race 3.7 years ago

    What kinda times are u guys getting? 100% completion rate?

  • |**CLOSED**|STOL CHALLENGE! 3.9 years ago



  • A.C. Aircraft Co. Jet Boat 3.9 years ago

    Thanks to Liquidfox for the Fuselage :) idea.

  • A.C. Aircraft Co. Racer X 3.9 years ago

    @EnderWiggin ... Thanks so much!

  • Matchstick T1000 variant - Bandit 3.9 years ago


  • Bandit Run 4.0 years ago

    I'm in ... bunch of changes, still looks like an actual airplane :)

  • Bandit Run 4.0 years ago

    @Typhlosion130 & others

    This one completes the course. 2 min.

    The one below, I need help with, Balance, etc. It’s faster, but crashes.

  • Bandit Run 4.0 years ago

    I need some help "balancing" my entry, can someone help me?? My first version, 715mph, does the course in 2 min flat. I have another version, more engines, faster, but not steady enough to complete course. Do I need to upload the airplane???