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Hiya y’all, I’m Zee.
I make planes.

Such a surprise, isn’t it? Did you think I make stuff like TANKS, in SimplePLANES? Pfft, don’t be ridiculous.

Anyways, I make planes, mostly biplanes at the moment. They’re cool, don’t care about performance that much (as long as they take off everyone is happy) and in general look good.

To do list:
- Zeppelin
- Aircraft Carrier (wow do I do boats?)
- More biplanes (or tri/quad’s, who knows?)
- Custom airfield

And last but not least, some friends who have helped me out:
- thejulesonaut, my favorite currywurst. He builds some nice planes.
- Serotrillion1300, a chill guy who gave me advice on multiple planes and makes some pretty darn good ones himself, check him out for sure.
- Theread34, he makes good planes and has supported my planes since they became upvote-worthy.
- Ianandendy1124, he XML mods parts for me whenever I need them which helps me a lot.