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Hello there fellow Pilot! Welcome to my Profile Biography. I Am ZK443 (well no need to explain because i have an actual name for my account, duh) and i am here to Build, Play, Make Videos about SimplePlanes and posting them to YouTube, and do other lolygaging Sh*t. I Am a [REDACTED] Year old who lives in Indonesia at Asia. So hopefully my grammar and english wont bother you.

History of me playing SimplePlanes:

I first played SP a year ago, around June 2018. At that moment i was gifted by my cousin with a pirated SimplePlanes. yes, cracked pirated SP. So i played the game, it was pretty nice. I learned much things about plane, designs, concepts and stuff. I had ideas from looking into Google Images about planes, helicopters, and other flying machinery. I also build cars too.

Then i got bored. i want to change my game, i want to build cool sh*t, i want awesome planes to build. So i decided gather all of my lunch money and spend it on SimplePlanes on Steam. So there we go! That's the story of how i played SP. But that's not everything.

YouTube critics:

when i see YouTubers play this game, almost 50% of them failed to build a basic plane, because maybe they haven't played the FRIKING TUTORIALS ITSELF. So they tried to be a plane engineer, turns out SimplePlanes's Physics was way beyond their expectations. I have seen many YouTubers failed in this game and one of them was called "Swiss001". He tried to be a pro builder at planes, and i think he made a video about it 4 times, and only 1 video proofs him he actually build a plane and flies pretty well. He taked time to made the block-structure-like plane and i have seen this one moment (actually 2 because he plays KSP too so yeah he did the same thing) that made me actually mad about him. He decided to put up a font saying " Finally i have created the most perfect plane of all time... " and guess what he did. he downloaded a 747 out from the workshop. i see that 747 multiple times from other videos on YouTube. so basically he's just tricking you. For those who actually CAN build planes on this Game such as:
-Frantic Matty
-JetWondy / Justin
-Warspace Aeronautics

So for those other YouTubers i didn't say, sorry that's all i know. But i love these guys, they follow the steps of success in the way of building planes. they explore the plane's systems. I like the people who realized that SP is way more harder than we think before we play. now i'm in the middle of trouble, i need to make planes the better way. I wanted to be like them. well, i'm currently downloading planes that i liked, stripping them, and save some of their parts as sub assemblies. Wich that helped. My First plane i created was a plane called BVX-50 Bomber. wich is now not available because it has been deleted from the pirated game. But my first Published item was the Petercopter. So i loved to play Garry's Mod with my friend LoganGamer83 and saw this awesome meme helicopter Mod that gives me the idea to make this Chopper.

Personal Info:

Real name: [REDACTED]
Location: Indonesia
Religion: Islam (no not an ISIS)
Current School: Quarantine
Favorite plane: Sukhoi T-50 PAK-FA
Gender: Male
Race: Bogengers
DNA: AK-12

Why all my builds tagged with "Rick":

i needed at least 1 tag, so don't ask anymore

So yeah this is the end of my Biography so get off now