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Hello, folks, I am United Stank Crafts(USC) living in India. {my name was inspired by a title name of KSP aircraft upon first making-'United SpaceCraft'. Hence the name(Just changed name'Space' to 'Stank'.)} I started using SimplePlanes way back in 2017, before coming here in 16 August 2018.I first started with a zero.. if you have any of our planes or gyros OR any other post, let me know if you have liked it or not. Some of my planes are 'break-bones'.

My Style of building aircraft- Creative, Futuristic, some little bit explosive, Real'ish', Crazy, fast(horribly breakneck in case of USC Fiter121), I used 'USC' for last time in 'USC Hammer'skjold'' . now I use 'EarthEmblem'. and then I


Plane projects I like to make- Emperor, Constable.
Other games- TrackMania, Minecraft

Names are inspired from volcanoes(e/g/ USC Acatenango-drone), Greek names(e.g. USC Aster1),Pseudo- Russian names(e.g USC Mriyaplane), Pseudo-German names(e.g.-Hermann)

Email- bhauntp@gmail.com
YouTube- EarthSooker457
SketchUp- 7 railway corp and others.

Company- EarthEmblem Vessels and Aircrafts Corporation Ltd.(EarthEmblem)

it's logo is Profile picture.

Now my favorites-

Music- Korpiklaani- Vodka
Airplane(REAL)- Boeing c-17
Food- Spinach, Egg-curry, Bittergourd and EVERYTHING!!!!!!
Car-McLaren MP4-22
Fictional Spacecraft- Star Destroyer(From Star Wars)
Fictional Character- Spider-man (Marvel)


1-the term 'food' for explosive weapons(used from USC AF1 to USC Constable 3).
2-double-lever controls for plane(might be disgusting)(If I were to make a plane with interior, I would use this control)

'You could make a revolution out of this..............;-{D

3-'PARTS FAR APART' technique for building vehicles.
4-Strict and questioning comments.

(Be careful while handling my planes, try, and give me an upvote or comment if you enjoyed.my advice.)

I would use either prefix 'USC' or 'EarthEmblem'.

(CAUTION! - I don't use mods that add parts to game. So don't expect me to make posts with lasers or superman powers.

That's all for today, take care, and 'Don't you dare.'

You can go through my posts .