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i was born to be a pilot not to be a tank commander

"You cannot lie, cheat or steal your way to honor. Honor lies in friendship, trust and loyalty, in truth when you spit upon those great and wonderful things, you are doomed to a failure of the soul of the worst sort. You are truly damned."

I am not saying that i hate you
i'm just saying
i you got hit by a bus
i would be driving that bus
-someone else

"Why join the Air Force if you can be a AirPirate?"
-Steve jobs but modified


IL-2 1946 Version i am playing :
4.12m with SAS modact 5.30

Ivan, tell Babushka who touched you.

what plane is this

about following...
sorry james & ethan

Favorite anthem (click it)

Skin project (for il-2 1946) :

Skin is finished but propeller spinner still a problem...

problem in IL-2 1946 :
Cannot take ingame screenshot after adding fugaku mod