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Niccolò Machiavelli
Florentine diplomat and military commander, Machiavelli worked and survived from Lorenzo de Medici, Savonarola, and the cruel and ruthless Cesare Borgia. After the Medici were exiled, he became a diplomat for Savanorola, then Cesare Borgia where he started his career as a military commander, here he actually was victorious with the Florentine army against that of Piza. Onwards, when the Medici returned to Florence after the execution of Savonarola, the Medici imprisoned and tortured him to the brink of death for "conspiring against the Medici", he was then released after 3 weeks of purgatory and exiled to the outskirts of Florence, where he reflected on his life and wrote books about the best leaders he has ever heard of in his life which ironically were Lorenzo and Cesare, two people who almost killed him, among many of his books, his most famous The Prince states how it is impossible to be a good leader, and a good person at the same time, and if to choose between the two, it is "best" for a leader to be cruel and feared by their people instead of loved, but not to be too cruel or else you will lose trust within your people, all of which were very controversial then (yes, even his books were banned back then) and is still quite or at least slightly controversial in today's politics and people's beliefs or opinions.

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