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I'm a proud 'murrican and I live in California. I'm 14.

I play Forza Horizon 4, Simpleplanes (obviously), and a bunch of other simulation/racing games.

For Simpleplanes, I want to have more cars that come stock with the game.

Favorite color: Chrome

Favorite food: In-N-Out (I'm so very sorry for you if you dont live in Southwestern America)

Favorite games as of now: BeamNG.Drive , SP, and Moonbase Alpha (also wish my computer could run Car Mechanic Sim 2018 buuuut it doesnt :/ )

Favorite Music Youtube Channel: Raw Monkey/missedHARDCOREGABBER

Favorite Youtuber: Vinesauce Joel (I know he's technically not a youtuber but he uploads his full streams there soooo...)

Favorite Music Genre: Frenchcore/Raw Hardstyle/Old School Hardcore

I also make my own music using FL Studio 20. Here's my newgrounds.
My producer alias is EQUAL2.

I also ALSO make my own youtube videos, here.

also im furry trash x d