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Hey, it's your time, your choice what you do with it but why not check out one or two of my creations?

A bit about me...

-Stuff I like: RC, Monstercat (the music label), anything engineering related, skateboarding, drawing, and Simpleplanes (who'd have thought it).
I appreciate the time it takes to pull off a good build. My favourite kinds of build are futuristic land or air vehicles hence why my best creations are just that!

And about my account...

Please be aware that some of my builds have corresponding soundtracks- so be sure to listen while you ride/ drive/ pilot!

I am currently in the re-running of my original company, Krypteq, having ended my previous collab-company "Kryptox"with Mox. I do also have another personal company for some of my best builds- called NTMR so that's one to look out for!

Some cool people:


Download, comment, upvote and enjoy my builds (no, that's not optional, you must do it or feel my wroth)!

Thanks to all my followers: you guys are all great people!

If you're interested, please follow my Instagram