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Hey, it's your time, your choice what you do with it but why not check out one or two of my creations?

A bit about me...

-As you can tell, I’m TheNightmare811 and I’m a 16-year old English dude.

-I like Monstercat, Skateboarding, Engineering, Cars (I really like those) and vehicle design.

And about my account...

I try to upload once every 3-4 weeks but I have college (I’m English) so I find time wherever possible to make and upload builds. I also occasionally improve on older builds and reupload those.
Most of my builds are fictional and a sci-fi of sorts because I really enjoy building them, but I do (very) occasionally make replicas of things.

Games I play:

-Forza MotorSport 7
-Forza Horizon 3

More stuff...

•I’m a member of the SimplePlanes masters group

•Please be aware that some of my builds have corresponding soundtracks- so be sure to listen while you ride/ drive/ pilot!

•I used to run an in-game company called Krypteq, and then Kryptox- but now I have my own personal company for some of my best builds- called NTMR so that's one to look out for!

Some cool people:

-Oski (modder)
-Believe me, there are many more!

Lastly, a big thanks to all my followers: you guys are all great people!

If you're interested, please follow my Instagram