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A Poem From My Own:

They say fly is something interesting
I also wanted to experience the flight
But ..
Can not be
Because I'm weak in the eyes of the rest
I was always in deep trouble, why am I?
?is it right
The only thing I have is a few coins of silver and gold
I hid in the pocket of my tufted coat
But ...
I never called ... I raised my head to God
The throat ached greatly because of the cold
But ...
However, I shouted ... I told God
I can get what I want
This was the reason why the same poor boy would be riding a F-15E fighter ...
And look at the place that screamed to heaven
Go to the blue sky
With Angels...
Now,my dream is reach to 1K...

By Sinacraft...😘 2019

ME After Reading a lot of Poems :