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Before you read my bio...
I announce to you that i follow all my upvoters.
Why you may ask?
It's because when you go on your profile, and you see that some people are following you, it makes you feel really good so yeah thats the reson.

Oh yeah and if you ever want a spotlight, just ask!
But i can only do a certain amount per day. First come first serve!

Hey there, are you looking for World War Two bombers? Or even early jet fighters and concepts? If so im the guy!
I try to add the most detail as possible to my builds but i can be lazy sometimes...

What ive got in stock:
World War Two fighters and bombers
I've about made all the most famous ww2 planes
Early experimental nazi planes as well as from the U.S
1960-1990's jet fighters
A few of my own creations
And more!

My real name is Felix and im pretty friendly with players in the community...


Hopefully you like my designs!
See you soon!! ;)