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Hi, welcome to ShiptyCo! Your main hub for American Midwar Biplanes! I’m an avid lucario [yes i like pokemon, nerd level 100] fan and i’m always trying to improve my builds! I work fast, yet i pay careful attention to details, but keep it low part and very mobile friendly. You can just call me Ship or Shipty, whatever makes sense (SCo if you like it as well).*
Good luck with your designing and flying.

*this technically does not mean the Lucario in Profile Pic is named Shipty, it’s just good lucario art i found (currently using my own doodly boi)

3k Goal: 🎉Reached🎉
Next Goal: Gold Rank🎖?
NOTE: Please ask me permission before using my builds and tweaking them. i just need a heads up so i know you aren’t stealing