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I am known as Snowflake, and also known as Saturn28!
I am Hindu and love commercial aviation, favorite is the Boeing 777-9X
My favorite type of planes are, airliners (Boeing) JK like all brands but Boeing is my fav. Favorite Current PLane as of 2/6/18 is the Boeing 777-200LR

"NEW AND IMPROVED" A quote from Sir "SaturnV"


So about 4 years ago my friend showed me Simple Rockets. I fell in love with it. Since I loved the game I played a lot on it and as I played more and more, I started to see red exclamation marks at the bottom left or right corner in red showing the teaser release of Simpleplanes, at that time I wasn't so interested in SImpleplanes, until I saw the release video. I immediately went to the App Store at the time which I had a iPad. I got it and started playing gaining roughly 400 hours on mobile. Then I got Simple Physics, another great simple Jundroo game. I loved building planes. And about 3.2 years ago I discovered the Simpleplanes Website, I saw the creativity bursting then in the Site. I loved the hypno builds and what Spiritus Raptor was making. So about 3.2 years ago I created a account called "Jupiter28", I loved that account and I made many hypno planes which just took off. But I was at bronze for too long. So I deleted that account and created a new account called "Saturn28" and this was the most successful account I had. reaching 9K points and was a native to this site. I had known many players that are not there anymore and overall I kept the account running for nearly 2.7 years from today. This account boomed but again I made no progress. So I deleted Saturn28 and created Snowflake, which also was a bad account, but then deleted that and then created SaturnV, the revamped version of Saturn28. Yes my date stamp may say currently of May 1st 2018 that I joined four months ago, but to make it clear I have been with SP.com for nearly 4 years. And have been playing Simpleplanes ever since it was launched. I love this game and look forward to being better! Thanks!

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