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  • CT-27 Orion 8 months ago

    Oh my God dude you literally have Best good looking anime jet fighter I ever seen hands-down this got to be the good kind of a plane

  • wright harbor 2 8 months ago

    This is all look great for the IOS user (because the majority of the population using apple phone most of the time)

  • CT-26 Hydra VTOL 9 months ago

    Extremely unique design out there oh I like your secret weapon hidden within the beast

  • Enemy training jet yesterday

    @Amazingavaitor12 Well I am a little bit more kaboom if you got struck Unfortunate or got lucky

  • Enemy training jet yesterday

    @Amazingavaitor12 I might warn you there is a hidden feature

  • CH 212 M1 Pelican 2 months ago

    Note to self using text to speech on Apple products is a bad idea in the beginning

  • CH 212 M1 Pelican 2 months ago

    @NormalPioneer The reason why is does having two rotor some reason is not taking off sufficient enough I just had to add two more rotor Somehow in someway is flying so efficient hi Godsmack how does possibility got to work

  • CH 212 M1 Pelican 2 months ago

    There is no such thing too much rotor @NormalPioneer

  • 7780 neko Ruby eyes airline 2 months ago

    @Boeing777x there is a reason why I call it a fantasy type of airplane well yes I wouldn’t faith in the human type airport in real life but if case you taking a modern Fantasy Monster in human Coexist there is some AirPort will accommodate for this aircraft

  • AH 420 Black mamba M1A4 H.O.I. 4 months ago

    @deqnq please describe what kind a war crime against Geneva convention firing recoilless rocket pods Absolute vaporize annihilation of the infantry soldier Turn into Red liquid piece or using a nuclear warhead inside of the Recoilless rifle

  • ACNA 2260 Hexall Gunship MK 9 5 months ago

    Any moderator remove this Aircraft for no reason That’s mean you didn’t read the description given credit to ace pilot 109 on An 225 just have a bit of a heads up Before you go if remove this aircraft for program issue please dumbing down to order I understand not to the point in making an insult to me and this is my Notification

  • 4-Part Plane 5 months ago

    I will see I Do it more better (as a little friendly competition)

  • Kawanishi KX-5: Happy new Year 2020! 7 months ago

    I am wondering can you make it a bomber that will be Interesting to see

  • ACNA 2260 Hexall Gunship MK 6 8 months ago

    @BuiltBionixInd10 Because as there is some reason why a ping it To let them know I aware there warning
    And have a good day

  • ACNA 2260 Hexall Gunship MK 6 8 months ago

    Will do Mr. moderator

  • ACNA 2260 Hexall Gunship MK 6 8 months ago

    @EternalDarkness thank you sir have a nice day

  • ACNA 2260 Hexall Gunship MK 6 8 months ago

    And also I did also Post Original creation is the taken some form of a helicopter Or a gunship

  • ACNA 2260 Hexall Gunship MK 6 8 months ago

    The original author Up Vote I just doing it as a fan creation ace pilot 109 that the original author of the aircraft

  • ACNA 2260 Hexall Gunship MK 6 8 months ago

    @EternalDarkness Please respond at this post explaining what situation is going on

  • ACNA 2260 Hexall Gunship MK 6 8 months ago

    @EternalDarkness Excuse me the original author is already credited probably something wrong with your system I have no attention doing stealing other people creation I just using a plain as a base model because my skills building the airplane is quite limited to certain degree yet to understand what does it make it different Is a gun or military capability And auto credit system is doing fine so please read this post Mr. moderator I am listening from the rules but You paying on Pacific matter so please tell me now because I have no interest getting harassed by other moderator at daily basis so please respond

  • ACNA 2250 Ghost rider (Gunship) MK2 9 months ago

    I am terribly sorry I don’t know what are you talking about please pin the comment @Tully2001

  • ACNA 2169 Executioner (Gunship)MK1.0 9 months ago

    Indeed mr. @nadvgia

  • ACNA 2260 Angel of death Gunship MK2 10 months ago

    Yes but not ready go in for some testing phase but I will let you know@SemedianIndustries

  • ACNA 2260 Angel of death Gunship MK2 10 months ago

    Apparently I do have a one good original build better than a nice looking like other people design and also it’s kind of fun to install the guns on the aircraft

  • CT-19 Overlord 10 months ago

    Did you like your new modification to your bomber

  • ACNA 2160 (dark Knight) Gunship 10 months ago

    I see

  • ACNA 2260 Hexall Gunship MK 4 10 months ago

    Just let me know if case you want me to modify your cargo planes to a mobile gun platform

  • Airmobile AMC-225A (WDA) 10 months ago

    Only one problem chief there is no multiplayer so how do you get planes on your plane

  • Antonov An-225 army 10 months ago

    It’s adorable To be honest maybe added more beef to the guns

  • ACNA 2260 Hexall Gunship MK 3 10 months ago

    @ACEPILOT109 How much is that Exactly

  • Simple B-52 one year ago

    Why getting a A similar vibe to the simple plane bomber challenge
    This one from

  • Simple B-36 one year ago

    P.S. My English is not really good

  • Simple B-36 one year ago

    I understand Butt You can build a Bombay Similar away to AN 225 Cargo bay door in shape it to a Bombay To able drop bombs from there I understand there is some limitation of your skill I am sorry to downplay this sense you can build a cargo bay door

  • Simple B-36 one year ago

    I like the model but it’s missing a several key design feature making the B 36 Unique 1: The hidden gun turret Throughout the whole B 36 design 2: It’s missing a Bombay 3: It’s missing a few glass domes 4 It’s missing of Gun In Nose

  • ACNA 2260 Angel of death Gunship one year ago

    @ACEPILOT109 Like you seeing