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I am 14 and live on a boat(SVRondo exactly). I am in the pacific and soon New Zealand. I have and had a bunch of hobbies: airsoft, paintball, wakeboarding, fishing, spear fishing, kite boarding, sailing, skateboarding, art(like this), free diving, lure making and selling, diving, snorkeling, and of course occasionally video games. I make whatever I want when ever I want. I travel the world and have been on it for over 2 years. If you upvote some thing, I appreciate it. If you want me to build something, let me know and a probably will. I respond always. Don’t judge if my plane or boat or car or tank or something looks bad. If you dislike it I will give full refund. All money you paid for it will be returned(which is probably nothing). Thank you!

Best makes:
Flying spongebob
Banana fighter
Scorpion tank

In process:
Bugatti divo