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Welcome Everyone!!!!!

Hailing from the majestic land of Beavers and maple syrup. At 20 years old, I'm probably too old to be playing this game, but i'm a man-child, so it's all good. I'm just a filthy casual that enjoys games like Besiege, KSP, Scrap Mechanic, and of course, SP. Any game where I can build random garbage, really.

I'm not really the kind of builder that makes realistic, hyper-aerodynamic airplanes that go 1/10 the speed of light. My build style is more focused on replicas of the vehicles found in my favorite games and movies/TV shows, and anything with moving parts.

I usually don't upload very often because it sometimes takes me months to finish one project. So don't worry if i go AWOL for a long time.

Anyways, hope you have fun with my builds!