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Now on SR:
tap me
If you wanna get Teasers and Announcements before anyone else, please join the following Discord Server:
tap me
It is owned by ViridiCinis and moderated by Me.

Modded Rockets or Laser Guns are from spefyjerbf
Hi Guys! I build futuristic Planes and can build Replicas (if you want me to). I hope you like futuristic Things as much as i do because then this is the Place for you! I now also start to build Replicas more often!
Favorite Plane:
A-10 Thunderbolt II / F-35
Favorite Tank:
M1A1 Abrams / BMPT-72 Terminator 2

Work in Progress Builds:
I lost count
Also, don’t copy anything without Permission even if you improve it! Ask me first, if given Permission, create unlisted Plane, tag me, then I’ll decide if I am ok with it or not.