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Status: A playful kitten

Founder of Toyu Multipurpose Industries .
Where we made aircrafts, vessels , land vehicles and home appliances. Not really.


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Silver: 17 November 2020.
Old uncle:

My builds are mostly based on simplistic, functionalities, types, realism and satisfaction.
I am happy enough to make a person who download my creations feel satisfied with it. My creations are mostly build to give fun, enjoyable and easy to use. Not forgetting looks very comfy for the eyes.

 Most of my creations are mostly consisting of WWII-era theme aircrafts. However that doesnt mean I wont build jet planes. I dont know, I just like them.

Land-based vehicles are very rare currently. The reason? I still undergoing heavy experiment with:

1. The effect of turning at high speed. How to counter them?
2. Average sizes for different types of vehicles. Is it reasonable?
3. Suspension systems. How to make driving on road differs from offroading?
4. Basic shape. Is the shape looks right?

 Vessels. There are tons of vessels Ive built pass weeks. Most of them ended up being scrap. Why? In order for me to upload a creation of this type, it must complies with the criteria that Ive set for. Which is:

1. Is it too big?
2. Is it fast enough or too fast?
3. Does it function well?
4. Does it looks good?
5. Does it responds realistically?
6. Future refit is possible?
7. Weapons. Is it too excessive?
8. Does it mobile friendly?
9. Do I like the way it turned out?
10. Will the community enjoy it like I do?

 I am a man with vision. My vision is to build one of the best yet simple creations. To make this community satisfied with the creations I produced whether its a replica or a fictional. To produce creations that inspires new users, making them to build, improve and maintain they skills. To built the ideas that had been in this wacky janky mind all these years. Well, sort of.

For those who have problem with some performances:
1.Wacky pitch.
2.Stable flight.
3.Sense of shape. You are having trouble to make smooth body curve.
5.Wing airfoil
6.Landing Gears

Im ready to help :D