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Hey! Welcome to my account! If your reading this your probably interested in what I do. Well for starters I do really what I find interesting or enjoy building, sometimes i may go through a steampunk phase or maybe I’ll go through a bit of a World War II phase. Whatever I’m doing currently has got you here so I’ll try and keep up the good work!

-Bronze (Done)
-Silver (Done)
-Gold (Done)
-Platinum (Done)
-First on highest rated (Dayily) (Done)
-First on highest rated (Monthly) (Done)
-Featured (Done)
-Join back into the community and make some friend (N/A)

About me:
Age: 16
Favorite all time Aircraft: (Tie between F6F & BF-109)
Favorite all time Tank: Tiger II H Sla. 16
Hobby(s):Airsoft, Videogames, Motorcycles

That’s all I have to say for now! Hope to see you around.