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Player Biography  

Real Name: Zaira
[Idk What my Mother Thinking About giving me a girl name AM A FREAKING GUY!!!!!]
Nick Name: Akumu [Nightmare In Japanese]

Age: 17
Gender: Male
Country: Philippines
Race: Half Japanese And Half Filipino

The Language I can only understand is English and Japanese

I can't cannot build a plane without a blueprint
If i build a without a blueprint it going to be look worst

As can you see I'm a Weeb with a Mix of wehraboo
And if someone Disrespect Anime culture
They are 100% get Life uninstall

I be also know for The person who Use custom Thumbnail On Android

Most of my build will be just Under 700 parts

I also take request like fixing your plane to fly properly and making a Custom Thumbnail for free

And I also have a old Account Named Akumu
Also knows as Nutsee