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  • The Dragon 1.8 years ago

    aight im in, lets lose this one as well :D

  • Gold Prix 2.1 years ago

    if i get one win im happy
    gl everyone

  • Gold Prix 2.1 years ago

    aight, im in now, still gonna lose tho :D

  • Mystery Tournament 2.6 years ago

    i guess i'll just go with a random plane, let's see what happens
    (unmodded btw, but idc tbh)

  • NTA IV- 2.8 years ago

    i'm confused... why is this a thing?

  • Flyweight - Shark Tooth 2.9 years ago

    good luck, may the AI be ever in your favor ;P

  • Flyweight - Shark Tooth 2.9 years ago

    @Supercraft888 that has happened already, actually. check out the Daredevil Unlimited Tournament, you'll see what I mean :/

  • The Dragon 3.0 years ago

    how do i find the track? anyone could tell me where to go or something pls?

  • Indy Air Race 3.3 years ago

    I guess i failed already. this is gonna be soo


  • Daredevil 4.0 years ago

    @Nerdtronics thank you^^ i am still confused at how all this could happen... i tested it over 100 times, i even calculated the reliability, the chance of it crashing twice was about 4%, but it doesn't matter now... at least i've gotten silver, so i'm kinda happy i think^^

  • Daredevil 4.0 years ago

    This tournament has left it's mark on me... these finals were just too much i guess ^^

  • NTA T/R-X-4 v3.1 4.0 years ago

    thanks everybody^^

  • NTA II-3 4.0 years ago

    @TheVoidSpirit thank you