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MuffinAerospace was born in 2004, by Supermuffin. the idea was born by a Homemade RC plane. after that day, Supermuffin built his first aircraft, a ultralight with a Piaggio vespa Engine. the Company was founded in italy, and there were tested ultralights. After having the opportunity , MASP.co started to build slight bigger aircraft,(some of them failed). the first jet powered aircraft was the MuF-Mod.1, a twin engine light attacker. the commercial price was only 2M$, and also it was a success. MASP.Co started the production of this aircraft. the best seller was the MuF-mod.1A, made for aircraft carriers. the attacker is so compact, that it was easily put in a carrier with a mass number. up to 180 models where fitted on the USS Beast.
in 2007 MASP.Co started making a second type of military aircraft. the Aerospa A, (then named ARS-1) this aircraft was slighty bigger and faster, also its heavy, but it got a grat payload capacity. its technological advance, was so good that it could operate for over 60 years, but unluckily, the ARS-1 was lost in a accident. then we built the ARS-1s, which is even better, with a new Fly-By-Wire system. this model is perfect to start an air force. in the next years, MASP.Co made a new series of vehicles, passenger ones. the first one, and the biggest producted in that time was the MFP-1, a Wide body super heavy liner. after that, the fuseleage was used to build other variants. the most famous one is the PASS-414B, this aircraft is slow, but the range of this wide body liner was almost impossible to beat.but obviously, were made other variante
The PASS 414B+, more efficient, with 2 Counteracting propellers, and the PASS 414B2F, With 4 Heavy turboprops in Counteracting config. This Boi have a range of 15.000km, and It was faster, up to 900 km/h also, those aircrafts had a landing gear made 100% from MASP. after the success of those liners, we produced the
PASSNG-1 (NG=New Gen) in 2018 this aircraft was and still is the future of aviation. with the best technology, avionics, Comfort, and versability, it could be the best plane in the world. also, this plane can be modified in any tipe of plane, form SAR to a AWACS. also its a STOL plane, so it could land in airfields without a Runway.then, MASP Produced first ground vehicles. the first one was an old project, the MHT-1. a 75hp tractor with good prestations. then the MASP-SE1, the first truck. it was an instant success.also, the MPT-1E, was the first Private ultralight plane with good range, also it had a great success in 2019.then the revolution. the PASS-464SE, the first SST of our company.it became the FlagPlane of our company, and the logo show a sketch of it. the last vehicle we produced were the MiR-1 and the MiR-1DVE. those are multipurpose military planes, the DVE is VTOL.We sell to all countries
if you need any vehicles, contact us!
1.Im android user
2. Dont ask enormous things, just big
3.We are making A new propulsion, The Exp-H. this proplsion will be aviable in some aircrafts.
4.We will soon start to develop rockets on SR2
(actually in RP)
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