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Hoi meh fellas

Please seat and get comfortable.
Or do whatever your want.

This is my bio
It all started from the SLRP (Dead)
I created this account exclusively for that RP, and now I use this account like every member of this community!

I am a simple guy, that passed it's childhood to study aviation. I still remember the gold days of YouTube, where the "Crazy Frog" and the planes photoshops were at their maximum peak.

Anyway, my passion extended to every kind of vehicle engineering.

Wanna know how a jet engine works? Ask me.
Wanna know how a ship is made and it's components? Ask me too
Wanna know car systems?
Wanna know Spaceflight systems and rockets?
What did you expect? Ask me!

Fun Fact: all my vehicles are fictional. Don't expect from me real life vehicles!

So yeah, I'm a guy that loves to be noticed.

Current RP: 2020rp
Current projects: Pellicano Class SSK

Achieved 1k: 30/12/2019