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Hello, welcome on my profile page fellow vehicle creator! :D

My name is Milo1628xa and I like making anything if I got the inspiration for it., except for BIG vehicles (I LOVE small stuff).

For most of the time I've been on here I had to make vehicles on my IPad Mini 4, having to struggle with modded parts, part count and not good quality gameplay. Now however I can use a laptop to make my stuff on, which is absolutely splendid! So far I have made everything you can think of except for a hovercraft, a bike and maybe a few mixes of aircraft or just vehicles in general.. and BIG vehicles.

My biggest objective to accieve:
a flying car! (this particular car being the Aeromobil 3.0, which has been a big inspiration for me to start making flying cars!)

Don't expect anything big from me, my creations will always be small but always something unusual, funny, fast, you name it.