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  • Lockheed L10E Electra (Air penguin - Madagascar 2) 1.4 years ago

    kowalski analysis

  • Uss Stalin 1.5 years ago

    USS Stalin. Irony 100

  • Spawnable Airport 7 months ago

    I wish that in the next update we could have it so that certain things are spawned somewhere consistently (not having to go to the spawn aircraft feature over and over/ make a permanent option that can be toggled)

  • [Finn-Balor]AR-93 Knight Fighter 1.3 years ago

    YF-24 Black Raptor

  • Moth ornithopter 1.5 years ago


  • F-21 Python 28 days ago

    3 strikes

  • Albatross RH-1 Recon Plane REMASTER one month ago

    <<This twisted game needs to be reset.>>

  • BF-109 3 months ago

    In order to get the cannons usable for ATA, go to the home screen, go to mods, enable Overload, go to plane and select cannons, set function (add it if it’s not there already) to MultiRole (have both of the exactly like this otherwise it won’t work). After that you can properly aim at planes using cannons.

  • Su-37 Super Flanker (Ace3 20th aniversary) 10 months ago

    Nice plane man!

  • F-100D Super Sabre 11 months ago

    Thanks @SodiumChloride

  • The 1.4 years ago

    It’s a spongebob reference @aplayer @aplayer

  • What plane should I do next 1.4 years ago

    @randomusername I finished making it. Go check it out if you want to

  • F-9 Cougar one month ago

    Why is every plane in your posting history someone else’s with no edits. You’re bordering on plagiarism had it not been for Auto-Credit.

  • McDonnell Douglas F-4C Phantom II1.0 one month ago

    Is there anything new between your plane and TheXDimension32’s original?

  • SB 190 A-1 "Fliegende Schlange" one month ago

    Great build. For further planes in the series you can set the cannons to MultiRole in the console/overload (add “function”, set function to “MultiRole”), that way you can use the reticle to more accurately hit planes with the cannons.

  • V-02 2 months ago

    It kinda looks like a X-02 from the front

  • PO0P0O2 - Work in Progress 2 months ago

    @ElevatorEnthusiast488 you type in LandingGear

  • PO0P0O2 - Work in Progress 2 months ago

    @MegaTails https://www.simpleplanes.com/a/3O306r/PO0P0O2-V1-5 here’s a version with some upgrades (credited to you of course).

  • PO0P0O2 - Work in Progress 2 months ago

    It’s a alright design, just fix the CoM and thanks to Overload being built in you can make custom landing gear use the Gear button.

  • INA56 "Damien" Air Superiority Fighter 2 months ago

    The some things like the elevators, some fuselage pieces, and flares aren’t aligned. But even when fixing that the plane still tilts to the right. Idk man, this happens sometimes and I never seen anyone who had a definitive answer.

  • my b52 3 months ago

    For some reason the plane constantly turns to the right even when I roll left.

  • MiG-15 3 months ago

    Oh yeah, thanks for the reminder @Noname918181

  • MiG-15 3 months ago

    @Noname918181 crap, I’m IOS

  • MiG-15 3 months ago

    @Noname918181 how? Is it done through mods?

  • MiG-15 3 months ago

    @Noname918181 I can’t find it. Is it under cannon options? Because none of the categories said function or AtA/AtG

  • MiG-15 3 months ago

    How did you make your cannons air to air?

  • Junkers Ju-87D-3 Stuka 3 months ago

    @Zanedavid massive brain

  • Stonehenge (Ace Combat 4) 3 months ago

    Do you think you’d redo this with the new cannon update?

  • ADFX-20-D 3 months ago

    The plane keeps rolling to the right

  • Is there any way to change your Username? 5 months ago

    @Gameboi14 well Nevermind then :(

  • A few practice laps... hehe 9 months ago

    That saxophone though

  • This 10 months ago

    @BACconcordepilot c

  • Sukhoi Su-30MKK-1 Flanker H 10 months ago

    <<This plane is my body>>

  • Can someone make a Smaller BFE150? 11 months ago

    Thanks for the offer @ViridiCinis, but at this point I don’t need it. Thanks for getting me to 1k points as well though.

  • AAF-9B one year ago

    <<It’s Time>>

  • Paper F-22 Raptor one year ago

    Reminds me of the ADF-10

  • Acrobatic plane one year ago

    The plane stalls and either flatspins or flips to the ground.

  • F-15X Garuda one year ago

    The tail hook is sideways

  • 1.8 Beta now available one year ago

    Thanks @Gunutcase123

  • 1.8 Beta now available one year ago

    How do you use the carrier elevators. (mobile)

  • FAF F 29 one year ago

    Did you hear the 1.8 beta?

  • XF/A-40S 'Longsword' one year ago

    Using the cleaver just makes the plane blow up.

  • SF-6 GoldenDragon(Challenge version) 1.1 years ago

    This most certainly will win the challenge. Great plane m8.

  • Any planes I should make? 1.1 years ago


  • Any planes I should make? 1.1 years ago

    @jamesPLANESii I know this isn’t a Bush Plane but https://www.simpleplanes.com/a/4Kp4N7/Mail-Reconnaisance-Plane-UK

  • Any planes I should make? 1.1 years ago

    @ThePilotDude that thing might be a bit too slow for the simple planes engines.

  • Any planes I should make? 1.1 years ago

    @Awsomur preferably a fighter or light bomber, sorry for not pointing this out

  • The Lamest Beta Ever 1.1 years ago

    Are there any new maps coming?

  • About the map. 1.2 years ago

    Crap @randomusername

  • Diplodocus Hallorum 1.2 years ago

    I know what your talking about@FuzzyAircraftProductions. Bigger refers to size yet everyone says argentinosaurus is bigger from its weight.