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Updated Jan 30th 2018

Greetings! My name is MeetThyDoom (obviously) and I like building things. Things especially with lots of curves, smooth edges and lots of details. And maybe a few simple things.

Current Status
Down but not out...
()[See here]

On-going project that I really need to finish
I am building the brick!!!
Check these articles:
Latest Progress: Article 1 & Article 2

Kick starting the project

What I build
I build a wide variety of stuff, such as off-road and military vehicles, replicas, and fighter jets. Do expect to see some other things though, this is what I'm currently into, and, for all anyone knows, tomorrow I could be into building bedroom furniture!

Recommended Builds

I strongly recommend downloading these vehicles in order to get a taste of what I make.

Diesel Locomotive Type-37 This is a replica of an iconic British railway diesel.

BR MK II Coach
This is a railway passenger carriage which is compatible with my Type-37 Diesel Loco (If you really want to destroy your CPU).

Steam Locomotive

Mobile Bridge - This is a fictional military vehicle and is also my most successful build.

JagdPanzerkampfwagen E100 - This is a German prototype Tank-Destroyer/SPG from WWII

PanzerKampfWagen VIII Maus - This is a German Tank from WW2

About me
I am a proud English and Irish citizen! This is because my parents are English but I was born in Dublin. So I guess my semi-aggressive attitude comes from the Irish side whilst my interests, politeness, and way of life comes from English side. Unlike other English people, I drink coffee. But from time to time I also drink tea.

I am very good friends with PlanesOfOld, we have a lot in common! Go check him out, he has some stunning builds.

Thanks for reading

Thanks awfully for reading this, if you like what you see then please do follow me, it would mean a lot.

And thanks also for up voting and commenting on my posts!

Happy building!!!