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Dont read its too messy

Currently too lazy to make any plane

Hey! wait.. why are you here?

Upload random stuff


Welcome to my Biography

just a Regular Indonesian guy


Random Funny Quotes:

-if you think about it, why do you think about it?
-uhh just pretend this is funny
-im running out of ideas Help
-I Forgor💀

The inventor of:

-Music in simpleplanes ( sound terrible)
-Find the secret challenge (like cicada 3301)


Bronze:I forgor
Silver:I forgor descember 2022 maybe?
Gold: 31 January 2023
Platinum: Coming soon
Green: Wait What?

Project Priority

-Reaching 200 subs on youtube (done)
-AI Generated Plane 1 out of 3 finished
-10K Special Huge Flying wing carrier (if lag too much it will be canceled)
-Random ideas I had (RUSH E in simpleplanes, random many weird shaped planes)

sub-20 on 3x3 Rubik's cube

Like some very unique, innovative, creative ideas

Any Upvote, Downloads, Comments are really appriciated (except toxic comments).


-Touch Grass
-Watch youtube
-Solve Rubiks Cube (PB 16 Second in case you want to know)
-make memes
-make a youtube video (and YT Shorts)

My best creation?

alt text
The beriev A-60 airborne laser
V-22 osprey it has auto landing

Random drawing I make

alt text
X-02S Strike Wyvern
alt text
Stonehenge aiming at arsenal bird
alt text
alt text
ADFX-02 Morgan -Pixy-
alt text
Ekranoplan launching its missile
alt text
A GAN 356M i just bored
alt text

Favorite plane? mmm...

alt text
SU-57 for its Supermanuverability and for fictional plane...

alt text
alt text
X-02S Wyvern for its cool design

Random Stuff

alt text

Stop Posting About BALLER

Im tired of seeing it

My friend on simpleplane send me BALLER

On Discord frickin' BALLER

I was on Simpleplane Builder's Chat right

And all of the channels were just BALLER

Good Ending. the internet stopped posting about ballers

Baller v.1
Baller v.2