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GREETINGS COMRADE, it is I the MUFFIN. Cough cough.... WHEEZE.... (smiles). Ummm where to begin. I’m honestly not the best at building my own creations I’ve done a few but they need work, I usually make some updated versions of other aircrafts ( with credit to the creators of course). Interests?.... umm Aviation of course, I’m planning on being a C-17 Globe-master III Pilot. Oh I’m American if that’s not obvious, I like playing random games in my free time, Halo , Titanfall 2 , Path of Titans, Just Cause 3 or 4, I’m kinda into a wide variety of games. My favorite creature should be obvious (no it’s not a Rex) keep guessing there comrade. I have two pets one is a leopard gecko named Mango and I have a little dog named Lilo and I used to have a black lab named Nola. Well I guess that’s all for now. I’m usually active on path of titans if anyone is up for playing simply comment on one of my creations and let me know and I will reply as soon as I see it. Goodbye Comrades.... “Venture beyond the sky” (Heh heh I actually made a quote...)

Previously known as Beanz17