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Date started: 5/6/18
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went off: 5/12/18-5/14/18(M/J), 5/16/18-5/27/18(M.) 5/29/18-6/17/18 (M/J), 8/29/18-2/1/19(M/J) N/A (J)
I will be making mods soon!!!
Though not a professional, I'll start making things like maps, weapons, and other cool items, though, I won't be able to start work until I factory reset the other "crap-top" to give me a stable laptop with a good graphics, so don't expect them any time soon.
Sorry everyone, I (M) have been off due to my injuries and work.

I will be making replicas, and some odd fighters of WWII, and WWI, I may make jets, but I want to cover most of the WWII aircraft first! :)

Next build(M.):N/A; Offline as of 22:25 EST. 2/16/19
Next build(J), Currently - N/A

We now also have a, Fictional companies, both Wolfskämpfer, and Wolf rennt Bomber companies.

I'm so lucky, I'm so lucky, I'm so lovely, lovely, you can fool yourself, I promise it will help, now every single day I just want to hear you say it.