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WW2 Project - <-- Click here

Attention! We are playing our 1st round and recording it in our WW2 server, join and fight for your country

Do you want to fight in name of your country in this version of the WW2?
We will wait for you in the front fighting in the multiplayer server, or designing new vehicles behind the front for win the war, or improving tactics in Call of War, we will wait for you.

Comunidad Hispana de SimplePlanes - <-- Click aqui

¿Hablas Español?, te necesitamos en el grupo
Si hablas español, o quieres aprenderlo mientras compartimos el gusto de SimplePlanes, te esperaremos

Projects in Progress

• U.K. infantry battalion, collaboration with truckerSam and other nice guys (60%)
• Industrial Colonizer, British ultra-heavy tank (restarted, obsolete details) (0%)
• Steampunk Assault vehicle, Slide project (15%)
• German medium paratrooper transport (probably canceled)
• Special proyect, thanks for the gold, (Uploaded)

Personal Information

I born on a stupid 3rd word country in South America, on December 26/2004, I tried all my entire to have few nationalism, but the country is so fucked up for have the minimal amount of nationalism.

When I was 11 years old (5th grade of primary school~1st secondary grade on South America) I designed my 1st full auto prototype, calibrated on homemade cartridge (17X50mm) and the system was based on an older full auto crossbow than I designed and I implemented a Recoil bolt system ( like the Ruger Mark IV ) and based also on a stronger version of the bolt of a nerf gun (what did you expect you from a 11 years old kiddo in a 3rd word country) but my 1st gun had a big failature at the bold and if exploded, the shrapnel left a scar on my chest and broken my leather jacket, but the motorcycle helmet keep me in one piece (maybe one day I will upload here one day)
I always had a personal attraction to guns (maybe more promoted for the weapons prohibition from my government) but now I found a special motivation from change my country and protect it from the multiples guerrillas, I also have a special hate against them, apart from the constants war crimes from then, is because in the 1970’s my grandpa and my mom almost died when in their office was a “bomb threat” and the explosion make big injuries in the lung, and let him with an oxygen tank too many years, the hate against them was so high than I voluntary join to a military school for take an extra military training, but then I decided be an aeronautic engineer, for equip the poor [air force of my country](https://www.defensa.com/adjuntos/kfir c10.jpg) (click HERE to download a IAI Kfir from a nice guy)

But already I bored you enough with my history, have a nice day

If you want to talk more with me, up there is my Discord server, now if you want to talk in a more private way you can find me in discord as “LocuraPuntoCom #9900, if you want to learn more about the guerrilla’s war in my country, here is a link, (WARNING) Is in Spanish and don’t have subtitles

YT Channel project

My idea is like a narration of my discord server, you will be the protagonist of this channel, the teaser video is working on that, the problem is than I don’t have enough experience for that, hardly we put on service the MP server, hosted by TheDragonGame, a nice guy, if you want to help me with the appropriated programs, or being the actor of the 1st video, contact with me by Discord, I will appreciate that, thanks you.

Also VIDAL leads the Discord server
The great Vidal leads the USSR, he also is the Co-Owner of the YT project, He want’s you for the army of the people.