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I born on December 26, 2004 in a stupid 3rd world country, and is so shamefully confess what is that 3rd country, but is not mexico (come a bit more to sourth)

I waste my free time in drawing blueprints of Homemade Guns (maybe i'm going to upload this for create on a printer, is a full auto fictional assault rifle), drawind of course aircraft and whatever be, i waste the free time in build with the first piece of cardboard than i can find.
My first full auto funcrional rifle was designed when i was on 5th grade, with a lighter and the mechanism of my full auto crossbow

one of the not too many things than make me pround (please google translator, don't fail me) is my grandpa, the civilian engieneer and the creator of the north of the country aqueduct after the big earthquake than destroyed the city

my english is pesim by the small keabord and the pesim education than have this country, little more and I am a prodigy if you compare me with another elderly person as far as my country is concerned

I Love the coffee and Redbull

Rarely i do homeworks