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Hi. I'm Kerbal, and here is my biography. I've been looking through the app store and I found this very appealing game called "Simple Planes." I decided to download it I started building some airplanes. I then realized that building airplanes is not really my thing. I was going to delete the app but then i was thinking, instead of making planes i might start making cars. Would i ever be successful?? I started to experiment with landing gear. I then thought, what if I really do make a car in Simple planes? That's what I did. I uploaded it. Everything in SP back then were planes. I think i revolutionized Simple Planes forever, unless other people thought of making their own cars too and never heard about me. It started a whole new era in Simple Planes. Many people started making their own cars. Then I decided to make my own account. It was called KerbalKrasher. You probably remember that account that I used to be in. My cars started out small like 3-5 blocks high. They were tiny, but it was a start. People started liking my builds! I made many cars, trucks, and SUVs and even a dunebuggy. I made the first ever F1 Racer. I also made my first semi truck from scratch. All these cars I made back then was way back when there was this old rating system that you can rate people with stars. I forgot my password after a long time and I made a new account called KerbalKrasher2. (Heh only now i tried one of my passwords and i got me KerbalKrasher account back) In that account, I made my first ever plane. I've made more cars until my account was banned for spamming. I went on to a new account. I promised i won't break a rule again and by loyal to the SP community. I named it Kerbal Vehicles Company. I've made so many cars. The cars seemed to get bigger and bigger in size! My first super popular plane was the 2 door Jeep Wrangler. My account started to have a lot of fans and followers. I reached bronze rank. I made more awesome cars. Then, I reached silver rank and that was when I made many popular cars. I had my first featured car which was the 1958 Plymouth Fury "Christine". This is by far the best car i've made regarding points. I made more awesome cars and now I'm finally a gold rank! I would like to thank the community for this accomplishment. I'm becoming a successful car manufacturer. I'm still planning to build more cars, and possible an airplane in the future (no promises).