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Hey,I am a Chinese. I like to make performance monsters ,like violent aircrafts and vehicles. I may have not much cell of art,but I have some crazy ideas and science knowledges(though they are not useful in this game) in my brain.
My time zone: east 8. So I always post when most players sleep.

Recently ,I changed my phone into iPhone 7 which I didn’t buy a simpleplanes from applestore..... so it take some time to adjust working habbit on PCversion simpleplanes

Recent project planning
(Chinese description)
(Translated by application,might not correct)

Landboradgene Orangenal Coupe (partially completed)

Arky-666 mobile air defense missile vehicle (In mid - 2018)

Lanboradgene Raveoneton Grand - Sport - edition
(body is under building now)