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Why me? Why always me? Why am i always the victim?


Up there is my version of "E".

I watch this video way too often. But at least it's got jojo references and memes!


"Flying makes me feel so... alive."

"I love the fresh smell of kerosene in the afternoon"
-also me
(this is actually a fact, i love the smell of any fuel, be it normal car gasoline or jet propellant.)

Car enthusiast and extremely introverted gamer, but also has a passion for aircraft (mostly military, but anything goes).

Plays on an iPad, can handle about 1700 parts before starting to lag. (this is with most settings maxed)

Other games i play:

(cancerous username, i know.)

Asphalt 8 Airborne:
Driver 7522
(i can't seem to change it.)

Favorite Aircraft:
McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle
Grumman F-14 Tomcat (mostly because of Top Gun)

Favorite Cars:
Lamborghini Egoista
Pagani Huayra
Koenigsegg Jesko

SimplePlanes experience:
~3-4 years, but only ~0.75 years while having a SimplePlanes.com account.

Creator of fictional company DX Aerospace.
Extremely antisocial.
Lacks sense of humour.
Afraid of people because of my constant search for the one thing that i lack: P R I V A C Y

Feel free to check out my stuff below, and be sure to tell me if you have any questions, i can respond very fast to messages.

Previously known as TomekHellFire