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Very American Indeed. You found my profile, well done. Anyways, Hi my name is Jack, I'm 15. I live in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. I’m a patriotic American, come at me bro. I love building planes and downloading planes. I Hope you enjoy my builds. I always try to thank anyone who helps me out and upvotes me. I also love cars. I know tons of stuff about them, as well as planes of course. I specialize in World War Two to Cold War era in planes and tanks. Favorite plane is the North American P-51h Mustang or the Focker Wulf 190 A-8, as well as a few others. I’ll collab at anytime.

Keating Aeronautics and Industries

Production models: 1

“Listener” Type 1

In development: 3

“Listener” Type 4
K-19 “Havoc”
K-23 “Chaos”

Part of The Republic of Simple Landia
Current Position: Secretary of Naval Intelligence and Director of I.D.A(international Defense Agency)
Director of Nuclear Research
Supplier as well