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I'm a 17 year old guy who lives in Detroit,but was born in Alaska and
ALASKA ROCKS, just saying.
I have loved planes since I can remember, That is why I bought this game, So I will make planes.
My favorite plane is the Lockheed Martian F-22 Raptor (Sauce made that F-22 and it’s AWESOME) and I think it would be cool to fly that plane one day.
I will mostly make fictional fighter jets, and fictional planes (I am not to great at replicas).

GOALS: I want to get to Platinum befor my One Year anniversary, maybe far fetched but no sense in not trying :-)

I will also make random things every now and then, Really RANDOM things.

So ya, I also hope to get to gold sooner then later (ACHIEVED) one step closer to Platinum. I will make mostly fictional fighter jets as real as I can, but still mobile friendly.

Here are some of my best builds

F-36 Thorny Devil
Navy SEALS Special OPS Trooper Trasport Aircraft
Boeing T-X

Cherry Apple Red Plane (My new Plane)