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Payne Automotive at your service,

Enjoy my attempts (some succeses even) to making fun cars and off-road vehicles in simple planes under the company: Payne. I hope you enjoy driving all my creations.

I also encorage "Tuning Companys" to modify my vehicles just make sure to keep it a succesor and credit me!

Current Model Range: (Read this)
One-Off Specials:
Racecars: 600XX Competizion
Flagship Supercar: 700R
Other Supercars:
Off-Road Cars: 30Road, RR20K BIGAIR

Previous Models:
Racecars: 500 Competizion, 500LM, OB swb, U, 600XX,
Flagship Supercars: 500 Celebration, 500R, 600C, 600R
Concepts: Aero Concept, RR 20K XT Concept, S Concept
One-Offs: Taze95 Crazy Car 3 (Colabaration) , RC , Kondae1 Noob Racer (Colabaration), 500, Aerocorn Hoonicane, 420 Blazer, 600LM-PP
Other Supercars: GTE Competizion, GTE, EasternDragon Chasisi (Colabaration), RR 1000-Points-Edition,RR 20K, GTE LM, 500R 1000-Point-Edition,
Off-Road Cars: 10Road, 10Road (Amphib), 10Road XT, 10Road XT (Amphib),20Road, Buggy XXL