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I'm a bit of an aviation expert, just like nearly everyone else who uses this site. I build simple aircraft. No thrills, frills, or chills. Whenever I design a plane, I make sure it can fly. I also do not use XML modded parts unless I'm making a futuristic aircraft or want the plane to look nice without needlessly compromising functionality. I also like to improve other peoples' designs.

Issaiwan Co. is an American aviation company that makes designs for every nation, and originated in late 1936. We have had several lawsuits filed against the company for stealing business and making tons of money whilst Grumman, DeHavilland, Northrop, Hawker, etc. were all going bankrupt. So we decided to give them some designs to sell to the Air Force and the public whilst selling these designs ourselves. This proved to work, as everyone's getting wealthier. But we’re still reaping much of the profits with our very compact machinery.