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  • MiG-95 draft 1 4 months ago

    I mean, the shitty prototype aircraft got 41 downloads and 12 upvotes and the actually good aircraft were ignored

  • MiG-95 draft 1 4 months ago

    @Alta2809 aw man thank you, but this still isn’t that good, and the pitch is pretty wonky, and i didn’t even make custom control surfaces yet

  • F-15 Eagle 6 months ago

    Holy shit you’re still posting?

  • LAV-50 With Canon 4 months ago

    @hRmm the pleasure is mine

  • MiG-95 draft 1 4 months ago

    It really does actually, thank you i was sure i had removed drag and mass from the decal, which one are you talking about @Mustang51

  • MiG-95 draft 1 4 months ago

    @Mustang51 maybe. But how to do that? I really don’t want to just remove weight trough XML, because it doesn’t feel very natural. But you know, this is just draft one.

  • MiG-95 draft 1 4 months ago

    Also, you guys, i don’t want to sound like a pretentious prick, but could y’all please check out my other aircraft too? Specifically the F.4 and its variants

  • He 031 Florett 4 months ago

    I meant to make this unlisted fuck my life

  • Bölkow MCH-73 6 months ago

    @BoganBoganTheMan bruh he was here for a long time, he just never posts (despite building regularly enough)

  • Caproni-Vizzola F.4B 6 months ago


  • Caproni-Vizzola F.4 6 months ago

    Hey, don’t do this. I already have the pizza sauce camo. I just need to upload it.

  • Moreno-Lombardi F.4 6 months ago

    @Trainzo le thank

  • Moreno-Lombardi F.4 6 months ago

    Forgot to mention, it spontaneously pulls up. Use the trim to keep it at a nice level flight

  • Guided GP Munition, Mark 1 7 months ago

    @Love0police russian alphabet is not supported on the workshop, lol

  • Functional Bombsight - All-Altitude, All-Weather 9 months ago

    How in the hell do install it on a plane? I mean i have to nudge it inside with the position tab, but that would FIUBAR. Some assistance please?

  • La-300 with fixed roll 9 months ago

    @Jimmybob NEI

  • Lavochkin La-300 9 months ago

    @Trainzo yes thank you for even noticing me

  • IML-15B 1.6 years ago

    f*ck you too auto-corrector

  • IML-15B 1.6 years ago

    *attack craft

  • IML-15B 1.6 years ago

    In meant “the light attacco crack i spoke about” not that BS clusterf*ck lmao

  • GrG-70 (armed) 1.6 years ago

    Yes i know. @AdlerSteiner