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Welcome to my profile and here is it

Last Updated: 28 Sep Monday @5:50 GMT+8

Current build/project:
Semi-truck build by me

Previously known as Marcochoy2007
Status: semi-active

hello, my name is Marco I'm 13 im year 9. I'm a Hongkonger(means I live in HK)

Favourite Game: Snow runner

Favourite movie: Fast and furious Series(all of em)
Favourite car: Nissan 350Z

I also play Roblox so yea if you play and want to follow me here's my Profile:
You can follow me if u like and following me enables you to join my game in roblox.

You would rarely see me make my own builds as I normally take existing builds and find their weaknesses and fix it and upgrade the build.

Why do I not build???
Simply because I'm lazy and I will admit I'm bad at making something from scratch.

Why no builds that are over 2k parts?
Cuz I don't have a good laptop to handle the load of it.

What PC/Equipment I use?
Macbookpro 13" 2017 no touch bar
CPU: Intel I5-7630U @ 2.3ghz
CPU turbo boost: 3.6ghz
Ram: 8gb Ram(LPDDR3)
Graphics: Intel Iris plus 640 1536mb graphics(integrated)
Display: 2560x1600 (more performance) or 2880x1800 (Better screen Quality)
Storage:128Gb(things often used) and 1TB external hard drive(mainly to save unused builds)

iPhone XR
Specs: IDK ik its powerful enough to run builds below 1k before it starts lagging

And an external fan to cool my MacBook down so I can touch my keyboard and keep it from thermal throttling (works really well... no joke)

What settings I use??
I use medium graphics on my MacBook and high physics is used
High graphics on my phone and high physics is used

I'm starting to build stuff without fuel needed (well I'm still new to the "negative force" thingy
The platform I build on: Mac(mainly), iPhone(ios)(testing platform),

Any staff in my company that causes drama will be fired as I don’t want to be in it but I will consider rehiring if you do well again
Mockup company in SimplePlanes:
Name: GoodVehicle industries
Status: In business and hiring

I may accept build orders here if you want a truck that’s modified off one of my builds

Now hiring: anyone may join I’m hiring anyone to join

Link to hire page:

Link to vehicle request:

Previously known as Marcochoy2007