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Welcome to my profile and here is it
Well I'm back if u are wondering where I was.
No I didn't get covid I just couldnt run simple planes on my MacBook cause well somehow its heating up to 90c when running safari with a few tabs open...
Last Updated: 14th Jan 2021 @ 3:15:55 Gmt+8

Current build/project:
Semi-truck build by me

Previously known as Marcochoy2007
Status: semi-active

hello, my name is Marco I'm 13 im year 9. I'm a Hongkonger(means I live in HK)

Favourite Game: Snow runner

Favourite movie: Fast and furious Series(all of em)
Favourite car: Nissan 350Z

I also play Roblox so yea if you play and want to follow me here's my Profile:
You can follow me if u like and following me enables you to join my game in roblox.

You would rarely see me make my own builds as I normally take existing builds and find their weaknesses and fix it and upgrade the build.

Why do I not build???
Simply because I'm lazy and I will admit I'm bad at making something from scratch.

Why no builds that are over 2k parts?
Cuz I don't have a good laptop to handle the load of it.

What PC/Equipment I use?
Macbookpro 13" 2017 no touch bar
CPU: Intel I5-7630U @ 2.3ghz
CPU turbo boost: 3.6ghz
Ram: 8gb Ram(LPDDR3)
Graphics: Intel Iris plus 640 1536mb graphics(integrated)
Display: 2560x1600 (more performance) or 2880x1800 (Better screen Quality)
Storage:128GB(things often used) and 1TB external hard drive(mainly to save unused builds)

16Inch MacBook Pro 2019(I got it off for second hand)
Core I9-988H
32GB of DDR4 2666Mhz ram
It runs everything fine even games so idc what u say about how bad apple is...
Please don't be mad at me I just enjoy using a Mac since the OS feels much better.

iPhone XR
Specs: I have no idea but, ik its powerful enough to run builds below 1k before it starts lagging

And an external fan to cool my MacBook down so I can touch my keyboard and keep it from thermal throttling (works really well... no joke)

What settings I use??
I just max everything out cause nothing will stop my 8GB 5500m from running maxed out graphics in SP

The platform I build on: Mac(My only computer is a Mac), iPhoneXR(since I have a Mac why not get an iPhone?)

Any staff in my company that causes drama will be fired as I don’t want to be in it but I will consider rehiring if you do well again
Mockup company in SimplePlanes:
Name: GoodVehicle industries
Status: In business and hiring

I may accept build orders here if you want a truck that’s modified off one of my builds

Now hiring: anyone may join I’m hiring anyone to join

Link to hire page:

Link to vehicle request:

Previously known as Marcochoy2007