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Hi, Matt here!


Some stuff about me:
-I am a Christian, most important thing in my bio and life
-I love Jet and WWII planes
-I love bullet points
-Favorite song: “This is not a test” by Tobymac
-Huge fan of Real racing 3
-I usually Spotlight all challenges
-I love to go and Spotlight random planes from the past
-I don’t block anyone. Ever!

Platinum obtained on July 24, 1892


80 foot runway 89%
B-29 76%
USS tiny3 design 1%
Mod that allows WWII planes and multiplayer to re-enact WWII 75%
Finishing my bio 78%

Making black status, (still on the drawing board)

Possible Future projects:

,This folder is empty,

My goals:

-Get to 100K in under 4 years
-Watch a STOL competition irl
-Go to Texas
-Get to 100K eventually
(Cue signature sign off)


Ps.. if you like racing join the HyperCarRacingTeam (HPCT) in real racing.