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  • McDonnell Douglas CF-18 Hornet 8 days ago

    This! Is the best thing ever. Thankyou mate!

  • RedX one month ago

    Good plane, did you tried to make a SU-27? Cause it looks like one(a bit)

  • Lightweight Unlimited Fuel! 3 months ago

    Look up @suntadj

  • HIVE 3 months ago


  • mig 19 3 months ago

    Simply beautiful, congrats. Wow

  • HMS tyne 4 months ago

    WoW beautiful... Congrats. But can you make a version that can shoot? That would be cool

  • Crazy Canon 4 months ago

    Haha thx

  • Other locations for mobile? 4 months ago

    Thx a lot but are you sure that Kraken is on mobile?

  • Other locations for mobile? 4 months ago

    How do we can get to each one of them?

  • Convoy assault 4 months ago

    ...it doesn’t work...when we drop the vehicle, it says the planes damaged and I need to restart

  • F-65 5 months ago

    Comment what you think about it!

  • T-808 Prime Air 10 months ago

    WoW cool very good

  • wHeeLLy gOoD 10 months ago


  • VS-2V-1FT Spitfire Python. 10 months ago

    Stability is very hard to get but the design is crazy so congratulation for design and need progress in technically