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  • Help with my F-35 plz one month ago

    So I shrink the pitch control surface?@Lowryder

  • Other locations for mobile? 7 months ago

    Thx a lot but are you sure that Kraken is on mobile?

  • Help with my F-35 plz one month ago

    So I dihedralise the vertical stabilizers less and it helped a lot but it is still doing this... @Willfraser

  • Help with my F-35 plz one month ago

    Thx @Willfraser

  • Help with my F-35 plz 2 months ago

    @Willfraser ok good thx a lot

  • Cargo HELP! 2 months ago

    @MarshallLewisAerospace Ok thx! I tried and it worked. Thx

  • Cargo HELP! 2 months ago

    @AircraftNPC Thx but what’s the wing tremor?

  • Lockheed Martin | F-22 | Raptor 2 months ago

    @Wingman522 It means "Thrust Vector Control" it moves the engines when pitching so the pitch is kind of harder like there’s more pitch. Try, just stay on the runway and put AG 1 and pitch, look at the engines, they going to move

  • 22june new(double team) 2 months ago

    This is obviously the best plane ever

  • McDonnell Douglas CF-18 Hornet 3 months ago

    This! Is the best thing ever. Thankyou mate!

  • RedX 4 months ago

    Good plane, did you tried to make a SU-27? Cause it looks like one(a bit)

  • Lightweight Unlimited Fuel! 6 months ago

    Look up @suntadj

  • HIVE 6 months ago


  • mig 19 6 months ago

    Simply beautiful, congrats. Wow

  • HMS tyne 7 months ago

    WoW beautiful... Congrats. But can you make a version that can shoot? That would be cool

  • Crazy Canon 7 months ago

    Haha thx

  • Other locations for mobile? 7 months ago

    How do we can get to each one of them?

  • Convoy assault 7 months ago

    ...it doesn’t work...when we drop the vehicle, it says the planes damaged and I need to restart

  • F-65 8 months ago

    Comment what you think about it!

  • T-808 Prime Air 1.1 years ago

    WoW cool very good

  • wHeeLLy gOoD 1.1 years ago


  • VS-2V-1FT Spitfire Python. 1.1 years ago

    Stability is very hard to get but the design is crazy so congratulation for design and need progress in technically