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-- From what country you are?
-- But really...
-- Oh....
( Transmission ends )

Was machst du in meinem Sumpf?!

Quote of the lifetime: Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast.

Music that i heard atleast once :

.Pirates of Carribean OST - Davey Jones.
.Inception OST - Time.
.Starset - It Has Begun.
.Three Days Grace - Fallen Angel. I Am Machine. Time of Dying.
.Thousand Foot Krutch - Courtesy Call.
.Rise Against - Satellite
.Sabaton - Primo Victoria. Panzerkampf.
.TULE - Fearless.
.Rompasso - Angetenar.
.Syrsa - The Slavuics.
.Tin - Ticking.
.Timmy Trumpet & Savage - Freaks.
.Tweny One Pilots - Heathens.
.Capsule - Jumper.
.Anamnez - ???????? (Conflict).
.Arkana - Ein Sof. Tzimtzum. Netzach.
.CG5 & Nenorama - I Wanna Waa.
.SIAMÉS - The Wolf.
.FalKKonE - Thomas The Tank Engine (Metal cover).

Have a nice day

What if god said bruh?

The Bruh is strong in this one